Heavy is the Head: So make sure it has a Strong Neck

I was always taught that when you decide to get Married, it’s very important that you pay attention to the partner you choose; you want someone who is as equally hardworking, as they are nurturing and caring. You should choose someone that has ambition and goals for themselves and that can bring something to the table that you two can build together and pass on to your kids.

Now prior to being married my interpretation of being a man and what a true Head of the Household looks like, has always been different from what society and the world said it was supposed to look like. The example I was shown was never one of a dictatorship. It has always been an equal partnership even when the appearance was that one was working harder then the other.

Often times it is the appearance of things that first misleads us and it isn’t until things begin to fall apart or break that we find out that things aren’t always what they seem and in most cases the very thing that holds us together is also the very thing that makes us even functional.

For example: When you buy a Ferrari your not paying for how the car looks, your not paying for the body style. If you were then replicas would cost the same. What you are paying for is that finely tuned well crafted beast of an Engine.

On so many occasions prior to me meeting my wife, I was accustomed to Replicas, women that gave the luxury appearance but had the engine of a daewoo. Meaning they looked nice but couldn’t get from Point A to Point B. Sticking with the car theme; My mother is what I would refer to as a NASA Super car prototype lol you will never see another amazing well crafted once in a lifetime piece of Gods work like her. Elon Musk couldn’t create a harder working more efficient engine then the one that God created inside my mother.

(Here’s the Bridge)

My Father is the definition of the Tumbler: you know the New Batman’s indestructible Tank that he basically just Wrecks Gotham City with well and anything in his path for that matter. Now add the limitless engine that God Created in my mother and I believe that’s what you would call an Unstoppable force.

Cars do not move without engines, body’s do not move without the brain and Heads do not move without the neck.

For those that know me personally, I have a big head… like huge… like the original King Dome, Thanos couldn’t make my head disappear. And my neck, the woman that turns the head of our household is the strongest woman i Never knew existed outside of the house I was raised in.

It is important that we remember that God is in every circumstance we live in and live through so when it comes time for us to choose a wife he knows who is the MOST equipped to make this next journey with us, and God knowing that he created this amazing mother and father for me thought it was only right to continue his work through my wife.

Fellas choose your kneck wisely. Choose the kneck that can endure the long trip you two have ahead of you not the replica that looks nice sittin in your driveway and on social media but can’t make it to the end of the block.

Choose the neck that when the Head shuts down the neck is still operational….

Have a Blessed Day!

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