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H of H Consulting’s Vision is to be a blessing to communities around the world. We believe that real actionable change comes from doing kingdom work by creating programs and initiatives that give hope, healing and lead the charge in breaking generational curses.

It is our purpose to operate in full obedience to what Gods called us to do, and we are able to do that by serving in our own capacity, as well as using our God given talent to help others serve the way God has called them too.

We believe the way to bring action to social change is by articulating the work of the kingdom through a direct unfiltered approach that keeps accountability at the front and Love at the center.

Our success and confidence in our ability to serve those needing change and wanting to create change; comes from 26 years of wisdom and experiences that can only be acquired by committing your life to serving others as well as being a living testimony.

We affirm that those who have decided to walk boldly in obedience to carry out Gods calling should not walk alone. We will stand in the gap. We will be the vessel that drives there dreams to reality and We will support the courage it takes to change the world through a vision that God has shown only you.

We are a passionate team that leads with love and encourages growth and collaboration because somewhere, someone is depending on you to be who God called you to be.


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Our Story

Adrian M Ford

Founder/Men's Director
Dr William H Braswell -“A Man of Faith, Family and Learning”<1932-2017>

An 18+ year social service nonprofit veteran, Adrian believes personal accountability is the key to each individuals growth and success, stating “when we know better, we do better”.

He has committed his life to serving others in all forms of social service as well as the community; his unbiased perception of individuals and the ever changing world, has inspired and motivated people thus creating a need for his particular set of skills in program development and social impact.

“My secret power is that I simply believe in other people to an extraordinary degree. I give them credit. I appreciate them. I strive to be their best cheerleader. I don’t judge; I empathize and challenge and cheer and sometimes I believe in them more than they do. Care for others and your success will be taken care of.”

Dedicated to the Vision and Practices of my Grandfather.

Tina M Ford

Woman's Director
“I believe being a mother and supportive wife takes wisdom and intentionality.”

Blessed with purpose, passion and a need to help women from different backgrounds become victorious in every area of life.

Tina was raised in dysfunction and chaos; no one taught her how to be a mother, so when she became one at 17 she was forced to learn without any example of a healthy relationship let alone marriage. Witnessing verbal and physical altercations that resulted in divorce, Tina was again faced with figuring out how to break what had become a cycle of instability. It was her relationship with Christ that not only empowered her as a single mother but it equipped her to raise a Head of household as well as prepare her for the soon to be Head of her House.

Tina’s Vision is to help each individual line up with the word of God and provide guidance and mentor-ship to those seeking sustainable financial security as well as walking with each woman who has embraced motherhood, marriage and being the kneck to the Head of there Household.

Together we can become whole in Mind, body and spirit.

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